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At Vitepark Entertainment we are dedicated to renting sound and video lighting with high quality equipment. We manage services such as Fixed installations, Sale of lighting and sound, Technical production and everything that makes up the creation and management of an event. With more than 8 years of experience in the sector and with our qualified staff we can guarantee the success of an event.


Vitepark Entertainment is an event company.

We are dedicated to the rental and assembly of sound and lighting equipment and the management and creation of all kinds of events and shows.

Vitepark is a rental company for acoustic and lighting equipment. We are dedicated to renting audio systems (microphones, speakers, mixers, sound effects ...), lights (light tables, spotlights ...), effects (smoke machines ...) and other structures (structures of focus ...) so that you can celebrate conventions, parties, meetings ... at a very affordable price.


Our services are based on the rental of material and the rental and assembly of the same material.

If you want, we also have professionals such as DJs or sound and light technicians who will make your event perfect.

Vitepark has high-level professional audiovisual material designed so that nothing is missing.

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